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underbed shoe storage

Underbed Shoe Storage

Storing shoes can be a tricky affair. You cannot afford to store them near the door, which would seem to be an ideal place for them, but the very fact that this is the spot of your home that any guests would see first, the shoes are best not placed there.


At the same time, shoving the shoes in the remotest corner of the house could make things difficult when you have to wear them and go out.


Also, if you have leather shoes in your collection, they could be ruined if the place where you are storing them has any amount of moisture.  

 under bed shoe storage

 underbed shoe storage

 under the bed shoe storage

Hence, what you need to store your shoes is a place that is dry as a bone and at the same time away from the eyes of the people who visit your home. Some ingenious people have found such as place – under the bed. Yes, there are no longer monsters under the beds; an increasing number of people are building or ordering elaborate underbed shoe storage furniture. 


There is usually a lot of space under the bed which can be used for shoe storage. In any case, with the paucity of space everywhere in the world, utilizing each inch becomes useful. These under bed shoe storage solutions are not racks; rather they are like drawers that can be pulled out and in. They are made with several rectangular same-sized compartments in which shoes can be placed.


Owing to the particular shape of most under the bed shoe storage options, it is only possible to place one shoe in each compartment. Actually, instead of a liability, that’s a benefit, because if you are able to keep each shoe in an individualized compartment, it is only going to be very good for your shoes. You could even place your most expensive shoes in these compartments without any qualms. 


Just like usual drawers, these shoe racks can be simply drawn out. You can draw out the rack, select the shoe that you intend to wear and the slide in the underbed shoe storage rack as it was before. If someone doesn’t know that there’s a shoe storage under the bed, they needn’t know and unless their eyes are too prying, they will never be able to realize where you keep your shoes.  



Under the Bed Shoe Storage Solutions 


Most furniture items have a lot of variety in them, but with underbed shoe storage, the variety is surprisingly less. Most of these are designed in the compartmentalized drawer format, but some of them might have lids or some of them might have coasters beneath them that can help them to be pulled out more conveniently. In any case, these furniture items don’t require any kind of installation in most cases. If you're not fixated on an under the bed location, there are other shoe storage alternatives to look into.


Sizes can vary. You will find under the bed shoe storage options that are meant for just 2 pairs of shoes or heels, and you will also find those that can accommodate 16 pairs. You need to shop keeping their capacity in mind. Their prices will also strongly depend on the amount of storage they provide.  


A typical under bed shoe storage solution that allows for storing 12 pairs of shoes can cost under $30, but this would also depend on the quality of the materials that are used in making it.   

 under bed shoe storage solutions

underbed shoe storage solutions 

under the bed shoe storage